Join the Crew at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, August 5-9, for a fun-filled week of music, snacks, games, Bible stories, and more! Learn more about their Vacation Bible School (VBS) and register at

Theme: Green Stem

Field Trip: Silverwood Park

Campers will learn about botany, plant a garden, designing model wind turbines, explore the environment through a variety of learning techniques – experiments, projects, lessons, outings, resources and education.
Theme: Blast Off

Field Trip: Minnesota Air National Guard Museum

3-2-1 Blast Off! This action packed week focuses solely on rockets and rocket flight. Learn about model rocket design, building, aerodynamics, propulsion, launching, safety, recovery, and repair. Take part in daily launches. Take home your own rockets and an abundance of model rocket knowledge.
Theme: Potions, Powders and Polymers

Field Trip: Science Museum

Calling all Junior scientists explore the magic of the molecular world of chemistry in this exciting camp that is full of actions and reactions! Seemingly, magical topics such as polymers, rate of reaction, oxidation and chromatography are unmasked as we reveal the science through projects such as gooey slime, shiny crystals, disappearing objects and foamy explosions. Kids are mesmerized by the colorful fizzing formulas that make up the world around us, forcing them to ask the question: is it magic, or is it science?
Theme: Young Veterinarians

Field Trip: Animal Humane Society

Join us for an exciting week of exploring Veterinary Medicine. Campers be involved with several hands-on experiments! Campers will also get hands-on experience on animal dissection, stitch a wound, build a lung model, first aid techniques, splinting, use a syringe, and much more.
Theme:Weather Scientist

Field Trip: Wood Lake Nature Center

Campers discover why weather changes and will explore the different components that make up weather. Our beginner meteorologists learn about the sun, discuss extreme weather (tornadoes and hurricanes!), learn about instruments that are used to predict and track weather, make a solar oven and much more!
Theme:Junior Detectives

Field Trip: Minnesota Zoo

Come and explore the world of science as a CSI detective. As a Curious Science Investigator you will explore and investigate mysteries, which involve hands on experiments. Step into CCE’s Science Lab and brush up on your forensic skills by solving problems through observations, investigations, experimentations, and drawing conclusions to many science inquiries.
Theme: Dig Into Science

Field Trip: Crystal Cave

Young geologists get hands-on with interesting rocks, minerals and fossils as we dig into the awesome forces that shape our world. Campers will build volcanoes, uncover fossils, explore geologic time, crack geodes, and learn a lot about science careers and natural resources
Theme: To the Stars

Field Trip: Como Planetarium

Discover what it takes to become an astronaut and explore our solar system through hands-on experiments and engineering challenges. Sample Projects: 
Experiment with screaming balloon rockets, construct and use a Star Finder, build a sun dial, model our solar system, and so much more!
Theme: Under Construction

Field Trip: Shepherd Robotics Lab

Structures, circuits, and things that go. Build them all yourself. Let’s go! Join us on an adventure to explore the world of engineering. Create models, build structures, and even make a marble maze using everyday materials. Test your new engineering creations against earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters. Will they survive what nature throws at them?