Welcome to Creo Kids Academy

Our mission is to provide affordable access to impactful and relevant technology education to elementary and middle school students through hands-on computer time to stimulate creativity and lateral thinking. Creo envisions facilitating technological literacy such that the next generation workforce approach technology as developers and designers and not a mere end-users. We believe that familiarity with coding will be an essential skillset for the next generation workforce. Introducing technology at an early age is important and the best start you can provide to your kids.

Our Philosophy


Creo emphasizes on creative potential and not only on technical details by connecting personal interests to technology and computing through the confluence of creativity, imagination and interests.


Creo focuses on structured thought development and computer literacy with the ultimate goal of empowering young minds to approach technology as designers and not as just end-users.


Creo’s blend of technology and personal interests prepares young learners for a career as scientists or programmers and stimulates lateral thinking that is useful across disciplines in all aspects of their lives.