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Welcome to Creo Kids Academy

At CREO our mission is to provide hands-on STEM experience that is meaningful, impactful and relevant to science education for elementary and middle school students through technology that stimulates creativity and lateral thinking.

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Creo emphasizes on creative potential and not only on technical details by connecting personal interests to technology and computing through the confluence of creativity, imagination and interests.



Creo focuses on structured thought development and computer literacy with the ultimate goal of empowering young minds to approach technology as designers and not as just end-users.



Creo’s blend of technology and personal interests prepares young learners for a career as scientists or programmers and stimulates lateral thinking that is useful across disciplines in all aspects of their lives.

Our Courses

"My daughter has attended this camp two summers in a row. She learned so much about science and has made lifelong friendships! She enjoys the cooking projects and she loves the field trips!"

- Christine S.

"This camp opened up my children's minds. My children are more curious about how things are made. They are constantly trying to build things and find out how things work. Thanks Creo for an amazing summer!"

- Satya R.

"Our kid made new friends, learnt new things and in new ways and is now a lot more curious about how stuff works. Look forward to next year’s camp."

- David C.

"My son was actually looking forward to go to Creo's camp. Unlike other camps which are literally glorified daycare, Creo had themed science activities. My son did his math and reading and brought back engineering projects home that was very happy to see."

- Priya K.

"My kids had a very good time at Creo this year. looking forward for the next year, hope you maintain the same quality in the program."

- Sri A.

"Creo helped my daughter connect classroom info with practical application. It also prepared her to tackle the higher grade much better. I guess having professional teachers running the camp helps!"

- Julie K.

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